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2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe

Same Owner Since 10k Miles! Alpine White on Sand Beige

The BMW Z3 M Coupe is a special car to us here at Bright Motorcars.  This is the car that sparked our owner Rodger’s passion for sports cars and track driving. There is a massive cult following of the “clown shoe” as it is affectionately known, and if you are shopping for one, you 100% understand why.

For those that know us, we are always looking for the special, the unique, the rare.  This car checks all three boxes in our opinion.  This is a 3 owner car, but the most recent owner had this car from 10,000 miles to the current 115,000, and has owned it for the past 15 years!  Turns out the woman whose car it was also was married to a gentleman who happened to be a manager at a local BMW dealership.  So it looks as if ANYTHING this car ever needed, every scheduled maintenance, and any time the car needed service it would go directly to the dealership and just get whatever service was required.  We have a huge binder filled with service records and receipts to show this history, even the original WINDOW STICKER, and of course Both sets of keys with function alarm remotes.

In addition, when we acquired the car we took it to a local BMW mechanic that specializes in E30s, E36’s, and E46’s, and builds quite a few race and track cars.  We told him to find everything and anything that it needed and just do it.  We also had a Pre Purchase Inspection completed, so that any buyer can have peace of mind when looking at this car, a copy of the PPI available upon request.  Of course, you can feel free to have your own PPI done if desired.  Anybody prospective buyer is also more than welcome to come and review all the records to see that the car is in amazingly good shape.  We would not hesitate to drive this car across the country and back.  Though we likely would bring a radar detector with us 😉

Now as to rarity, this is likely a unique car, there is probably only one like this.  It’s an S52 powered M Coupe, so that’s model years 1999 and 2000, it’s Alpine White 3 over Dark Beige Oregon Leather.  There were 29 White/Beige/S52/Sunroof cars (out of 2180 produced for North America).  So that’s already very rare.  THEN this car has a dealer installed BMW OEM 3 piece spoiler and BMW OEM fog lights, everything else on this car is 100% factory stock. So, there is “maybe” another one out there in this configuration, but in all likelihood, this is a 1 of 1 car.

One common problem with these cars is the rear subframe weld separation. It’s a known concern in the M Coupe/Roadster world, and that was the first thing we had inspected on the car.  The rear subframe is deemed to be in proper condition and shows no signs of cracking, separating or exhibiting any other problems. This just reinforces the notion that this car was very likely not beat on, not driven very hard, and not tracked.

As to options, well these cars came appointed pretty much identically with the only REAL factory installed option being the Moonroof, and a HomeLink Garage Door Opener, this car has both.  Then the dealer installed Spoiler and Fog lights.

We have also added a Bluetooth JVC stereo head unit that can also play from USB connected devices and drives.  The one real Achilles heel of a car from this era is its limited stereo source options, and we felt this was a necessary change to help modernize the car and make it more palatable to most people in 2017.  Though it does include the original stereo if you should wish to switch back to its OEM configuration.

The brakes and tires are also in excellent condition.  The car has the excellent tire Nitto Motivo mounted in 225/45R17 and 245/40R17 sizes front and rear.  Condition of tires and brakes;

  • FRONT PADS: 12mm, 90%+
  • FRONT TIRES: 10/32, 100% Brand New
  • FRONT ROTORS: 28mm, 100% Brand New
  • REAR PADS: 11mm, 90%+
  • REAR TIRES: 5.5/32, 55% tread remaining
  • REAR ROTORS: 20mm, 100% Brand New

One of the most ubiquitous cars used for track day events and amateur racing is the E36 M3.  It has proven to be an unbelievably good car when it comes to performance, reliability, ease of repair, and driver engagement.  The S52 motor, electronic systems, transmission, brakes, and just about everything else have all proven to be so incredibly good. The Z3 M coupe and roadster share almost all of the same parts with the E36, just in a more unique, more thrilling, and more singularly focused (on driving performance) package.

So the E36/8 (internal designation of the M Coupe) chassis is built on a super reliable race-proven mechanical platform, but the engineers decided to turn it up to 11 when designing the rest of the car.  Some of the amazingly cool features that really distinguish an M Coupe from its contemporaries (the M Roadster and the M3) are;

  • 2.7x stiffer than the Roadster version!
  • Analog gauge cluster with an analog clock, oil temperature, and voltage.
  • Matching chrome rings between the Heater and Aircon control knobs and the analog gauge pack.
  • 96″ wheelbase, that’s 10″ shorter than an M3.  This makes for a car that changes direction on a dime.
  • Staggered wheels, 17″x7.5″ in front and 17″x9″ in rear, with a track width of 56″ front, 58.7″ rear.
  • Unique electric seats only available in the M Roadster and M Coupe.
  • Illuminated shiftknob, also unique to the Roadster and Coupe.
  • Cargo cover to hide your belongings in the rear and a cargo net to separate the rear section from the cabin.
  • Factory short shift kit (commonly used as a short shift replacement for the e36 m3 by enthusiasts)

We are a boutique dealership and really want to build relationships with customers and hope whoever buys this car treats it well and then returns for us to buy it back when it’s time for them to upgrade to a different car! Our focus is and will always be to represent cars that are the finest, cleanest, and best of breed vehicles, this car is exactly that! We’re so excited to have one in our possession even if it is to just pass it on to the next enthusiast. Z3 ///M Coupes keep rising in value, and it’s great to see a once laughed at car now so sought after and cherished by enthusiasts.

We also partner with some local shops that we feel do A++ work for clear bra paint protection filmwindow tinting, ceramic coating, and even auto wrapping if you want to get certain bits of the car wrapped in a contrasting color (such as the mirrors/wing/etc.).

*** Read our Yelp Reviews to see what our past buyers say about us and the cars we sell. We can help facilitate an out of state/out of area purchase, pre-purchase inspections, high-resolution pictures, airport rides if you want to come check out the car, discounted shipping rates, the works, give us a call!

  • BMW Homelink Garage Door Opener
  • Glass Moonroof
  • JVC Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth
  • OEM 3 Piece Spoiler
  • OEM BMW Fog Light Option
Layout / number of cylinders Inline 6
Displacement 3.2 L
Engine Layout Front-engine
Horespower 240 hp
@ rpm 6,000 rpm
Torque 236 lb.-ft. @ 3800 rpm
Top Track Speed 155 mph (electronically governed)
0 - 60 mph 5.1 s
Transmission 5 Speed Manual
Fuel consumption
City (estimate) 19
Highway (estimate) 26
Length 158.5 in.
Width 68.5 in.
Height 51.4 in.
Wheelbase 96.8 in.
Track, Front / Rear 56 in. / 58.7 in.
Curb weight 3130 lbs
Luggage compartment volume 9 cu. ft.
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.5 gal.
Year: 2000
Make: BMW
Model: M Coupe
Mileage: 115,000
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 3.2L Inline 6 cylinder
Exterior Color: Alpine White III
Interior Color: Dark Beige Leather
Wheels: BMW M Roadster/Coupe Starfish
Tires: Nitto Motivo
Tire Size: (F) 225/45R17, (R) 245/40R17
Tire Condition: (F) 100% NEW, (R) 5.5/32" - 55%
MPG: City / Highway
Stock Number: B61982
VIN Number: WBSCM9344YLC61982

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