Auto Broker

Once you know the new car that is perfect for you, we will function as your advocate and broker for your purchase with a dealership. We seek out the exact model, color and options you want, and find you the best price available. An auto broker is also generally able to negotiate pricing significantly better than what you would be able to get on your own directly with a dealer. We handle the dealership interactions and negotiations, while you get the car you want for less!

Furthermore, we set ourselves apart from other auto brokers by being your advocate – and only your advocate – in the car buying process. Many claim that they don’t charge you for this service, that the dealers pay their fee, but what that really means is that their fee is built into the cost of your new car. You’re even paying sales tax and interest on that fee. At Bright Motorcars, we have a completely transparent brokerage contract and work directly with you and not the dealership to get the best deal possible.

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