Car Buying Concierge

If the car you want isn’t a new model, even if it’s ultra rare or hard to find, we will be your concierge to seek out the perfect example that meets your exact criteria, taking the vehicle’s mileage, history, condition, and overall pedigree into account. We’ll find the car, negotiate the price, travel to inspect it first hand, coordinate a pre-purchase inspection with a mechanic, handle all paperwork, transportation, detailing, and anything else that might pop up!

We can be deeply involved in the majority of the process, if you so desire. We are able to undergo an extensive search for a car, and after finding what looks to be a prime candidate, investigate its history, ownership and pedigree. If this is THE car to buy then we can take on an even more involved role, including traveling to the car’s location, meeting and interviewing the current owner, making a personal inspection, arranging pre-purchase inspections by specialty mechanics, lining up transportation, detailing, and any modifications or repair work you decide you would like done before taking ownership.

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