“Rodger is a great guy and has very nice autos for sale.  I bought a 2008 Cayman S and couldn’t be happier!  Rodger is not your typical “used car salesman”.  He is an enthusiast and is very knowledgeable with respect to the cars he sells.  I would look him up again in a heartbeat if I wanted another high-end, special interest vehicle.”

— Gerald, Temecula CA

“Rodger is the best at what he does. He helped me find an Amazing deal on my car. I called a few auto brokers and had no luck. The deals they found were simply not that good. After a few minutes of speaking to Rodger, I could instantly tell that he was going to make it happen. Rodger is extremely passionate about what he does and his knowledge base of how to find and make an auto deal happen is world class.

He knows how to negotiate with car dealers and uses the latest auto market data and statistics to benchmark the deal he is getting for you and to ensure it is the BEST deal possible. In my case, Rodger came up with an amazingly creative idea and figured out a way to help me obtain and high end luxury automobile with a lease payment and mileage allowance that I never thought would happen.

If you are in the market for a car start with Rodger. He will be the only resource you need!”

— Neil, San Diego CA

“Let me start out by saying I basically stumbled upon Bright Motorcars, after months of extensive research; searching online, calling private party adds, attitude at the dealerships etc….. I finally clicked on his website.  He had a car for sale that grabbed my interest……so, I called.

Within minutes, phones ringin…..and that’s how I met Rodger Bright; the coolest car dude around. After 15 minutes of insight into the car, we met and 2 hrs later took the car for a test drive. Another hour of paperwork; and it was mine. Bad da Bing…..bad da boom.

After the ease and personal aspect of this transaction, it makes me think back on every big box dealership transaction and makes me seriously want to puke.

Rodger is the real deal. He a regular guy that you can relate to, with a ton of knowledge. You get this instantly with him. I feel extremely lucky, fortunate and let’s just say fate led me to this point.

I’m entirely stoked w the car.  The appearance, package, price, and service I received.

I’ve got nothing to prove other than the fact, I want you to have the same amazing car buying experience I had. Yes YOU! You reading this review. See him first. You’ll thank me…..no him. Rodger Bright

Have fun!  You’re in really good hands

& Thanks Rodger! …..Really, Thank You

— Curt, Ramona CA

I had been looking for my “bucket list” car, a Porsche 997 Carrera, for several months. I had confined my online search to the San Francisco Bay Area, and saw several possibles, but nothing that really rang any bells. I told Rodger what I was looking for and was very pleased to learn that he is one of the most knowledgeable Porsche guys I have ever spoken to. He gave me several suggestions about the exact model and equipment I should be looking for. After about three weeks, he sent me an email: “This is your car.” There was a link to a stunning Midnight Blue Porsche, with dozens of high quality photos. Once I had gotten to the decision point  (and keep in mind that this is NOT an inexpensive vehicle) he negotiated the purchase for me, arranged for a comprehensive pre-delivery inspection and negotiated with the seller.  As it turned out, the car was in Seattle. My wife and I grabbed a flight as soon as I could get a cashier’s check. The seller, a specialty dealer, picked us up at the airport and drove us to his office. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes on the car–it was better than I had even hoped; it had been meticulously detailed, filled with gas and was ready to go. The paperwork took less than 15 minutes and we were on our way. Today, 3,000 miles later, I am still amazed that this exceptional automobile is mine. It turns heads–even the heads of other Porsche owners; it’s that good. Without Rodger’s unflagging efforts, I would have almost certainly settled for a lesser car–and probably for a higher price. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is knowledgeable, diligent and absolutely trustworthy. This car–my “bucket list” car–will probably be the last one I own; but if I were looking for another car, my first call would definitely be to Rodger Bright.

–Joe, Dublin CA

“My transaction with Bright Motorcars was awesome and I have since referred anyone I know looking to get a new car.  Rodger knows his stuff and was able to help me understand whether buying or leasing was best for my situation.  He found me some great options to choose from.  Once I selected my car he had everything arranged at the dealership so I was in and out of there with ease.  No unexpected charges or anything.  Awesome!”

–Toni, San Diego CA

“We used Bright Motorcars to get a new car for my mom when her 2008 jeep broke down and needed a new engine. Needless to say, we didn’t have a lot of time to find a new car. We provided Rodger with what my mom was looking for, her monthly budget and the amount she was willing to put down. He took it from there and made finding and leasing a new car easy. He even went so far as to fill in the credit app for my mom when it wouldn’t work with her iPad. What I especially liked was the full transparency — MSRP, dealer invoice, Rodger’s fee. Most people fear being taken advantage of by car dealers. With Rodger on your side, you know that you are getting a good deal.”

— Teri, Grand Junction CO

“Not only does Bright Motorcars find you the best deal….but also educate you on every step of the process so that you stay informed.  I don’t just mean about the cars themselves, but also about how the process works with leases and dealers.

He helped me land a sweet lease deal on a Subaru Outback 2017.

I couldn’t ask for more out of getting a car, and I can’t imagine getting a car in future in any other way than going through Rodger.”

— Thomas, Los Angeles CA

“I was referred to Rodger by a dear friend. I needed a car and wasn’t sure whether to pay cash for an old car, put money down on a new(er) car, or lease. I didn’t know which option was appropriate for my situation and didn’t trust a dealer to steer my right. Rodger was AWESOME in helping me understand my options with zero pressure. We then talked about what kind of car I like. He quickly went to work and came back to me with a couple of really great options. I made my decision and we did almost everything online. I then went to the dealership and it was all taken care of. Yes, the dealership tried to hit me up for some add-ons once there. But Rodger prepped me for it, I said no thank you and I was able to get in and out of there with ease. I love my new Jetta. It had 12 miles on it when I got it. It’s EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks Rodger!!

–Susan, San Diego CA

“Before I worked with Rodger finding a car was really overwhelming, I’m not a big car guy, so didn’t have any idea what kind of car I wanted or what fit my price range.  Once we started working with Rodger it was much easier to have an idea as to what kind of car we wanted.  I told him a couple of things and within a week he narrowed it down to 3 or 4 cars that really fit my price range and made my life a lot easier.  Rodger helped us get us a car that was in our price range with a huge array of accessories and it really is the perfect car. It wasn’t till after we got our new car that I realized how badly we needed one and how perfect it was.  I am definitely one to get buyers remorse, I don’t like spending money,  but never at any point in (the process of) buying our car with Rodger did I feel that maybe I shouldn’t be spending this money.”

–Max, San Diego CA

“I contacted Bright Motorcars to help me purchase a new SUV. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted or what I could afford. Rodger spent considerable time on the phone with me talking about different brands and models and prices and really helped me understand what made the most sense for me given my budget, my style, and what i needed in a car. The end result is that I really wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee – Altitude Edition (apparently only 1100 on the road in California at the time). But Rodger went and found me the exact one I wanted, at a better price than any I had ever seen for this model, and handled 100% of the interaction and negotiation with the dealership. I just showed up, signed papers and drove off smiling.  He even sold my old car for me!

Rodger is the car whisperer! I highly recommend him!”

— Karoline, Los Angeles CA

“Working with Rodger made (the car buying process) super easy, we didn’t really have to do much work other than test driving a few cars and decide what we wanted, it was the easiest process that we could have ever experienced.  After its all said and done it was such a smooth process and it just went so easy, i just feel really happy to have a new car and I really couldn’t ask for anything more.”

–Elyssa, San Diego CA

“Rodger was instrumental in assisting me when I purchased my new Mercedes Benz CLA 250.   I went into the car buying process leaning towards a completely different brand and model.  But after lengthy discussions where he identified all makes and models in this class I came to realize that his recommendation was the perfect car and ultimately made the most sense for me, and I couldn’t be happier.  The process was easy and efficient.”

Andrew, Houston TX

“’Rodger is a godsend when you are looking to buy a car! His extensive knowledge about multitudes of makes and models allowed me to make informed choices and having him there to check out the car I was interested in gave me insight into issues I would never have been able to identify without him. He is easy-going, informative and understanding of your needs and preferences. I highly recommend having Rodger on your team when making such an important purchase!”

— Hannah, Los Angeles CA

“In working with Rodger I didn’t even know that (using an Autobroker) was a possibility, I didn’t know that I could have somebody that would help guide me through that process.  So he just made everything really really easy.  He did research for me to help find the right car for me.  His first recommendation was the one I ended up going with. He made the process pain free and honestly more enjoyable.  I love my car!”

–Dani, San Diego CA

“Rodger has been such a key piece in finding the perfect car that suited me. His knowledge and personality made him an absolute pleasure to deal with, and I couldn’t be happier! I would recommend Bright Motorcars to anyone and everyone in search for their next ride!”

–Touvan, Las Vegas NV

“Rodger is wonderful! He helped me navigate leasing a car flawlessly. He made the process so super easy and he’s a really honest guy. Loved the experience and I would definitely use him again.”

— Julie, Los Angeles CA

“The best part about working with Rodger was how stoked he was to help me buy a car! He’s real, genuine person, super responsive, and was great to work with throughout the process. I didn’t have to do anything except walk into the dealership and sign the paperwork. I am totally satisfied with my decision of using a broker and even more happy that I found Rodger. I was looking for an exact combination of color & options and he came through! Just give him a call and you’ll be glad you did :)”

–Kevin, San Diego CA

“When shopping for a new car recently, I had no idea what would be the best buy for me. I turned to Rodger to help with the process. He asked me some important questions and suggested a Volvo C30 T5. I went to test-drive this car and fell in-love! My search for a new car became effortless with Rodger and I highly recommend him for anyone in the market for a new car.”

Rebecca, Los Angeles CA

“Rodger helped me find the right car for my needs and scored me an absolute great lease on a new Lexus RX350.  We are super happy!  Thank you Rodger.”

— Mitch, Los Angeles CA

“A few years ago, my husband and I were looking to buy a mid-size SUV. Not knowing much about cars, we turned to Rodger for advice. We carefully discussed what we needed in a car. Rodger listened and discussed several options with us and eventually advised us to buy a Mazda CX-9. We instantly fell in love with this car and it has served our family well these past few years. It has for our needs as a family, especially for our 2 boys and their friends. Rodger was patient and knowledgeable and really listened to what we wanted and needed. We will certainly be contacting him again for any future cars we buy.”

–Amy, Chicago IL

“Rodger at Bright Motorcars – flat out ROCKS!  He has massive passion for what he does, and it shows every step of the way!  I wanted to LEASE my first car: a 2017 Ford Explorer and had not a clue on how to start. Rodger was extremely patient and explained all of the benefits, as well as the many pitfalls one must look out for when leasing a new vehicle. The dealerships have 101 ways to a single purpose:  to fleece you of as much of your hard earned cash as possible! But Rodger knows ALL of their tricks – and just how to outsmart them!  He even has his own system that gives all your leasing scenarios a letter grade, so normal folk like us understand if it’s a good deal. I just told him exactly what I wanted, and utilizing his established network, he found exactly what I asked for. You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer. You wouldn’t go to war without a weapon. Rodger is YOUR best weapon when attempting to buy or lease an auto! Do you need a new ride?  Then you need Rodger at Bright Motorcars!”

–Jeff, Escondido CA

“This is the third time I have utilized Rodger’s expertise to find a car with precise specifications and extraordinary pricing, saving at least $5,000 if I had done myself.  We traded in a Merceded-Benz CLA 250 for a brand new Mercedes GLA 250 cutting $150 a month off of my lease payment. Although the dealership location was not near my house it was 10 minutes from my work so logistics were not an issue.   Bottom line, I couldn’t be happier with the overall outcome of the process in all three instances since utilizing Bright Motorcars.  Bravo Rodger!”

— Andrew, Houston TX

“I had been struggling for a while to figure out what my next car should be.  Rodger spent the time and had the knowledge to help me create a short list to consider.  He eventually helped me narrow it down to a limited run of the S63 AMG Coupe.  We looked both at new and pre-owned and he convinced me to save 10s of thousands of dollars to go with a low mile pre-owned.  Only problem was there were very few available and none in the state where I live.

Not a problem for Rodger!  He located 3 options (all out of state).  He contacted and performed extensive due diligence, including phone calls, live video footage of every part of the car, warranty situation, review of past service/issues and Carfax review.  He narrowed it down to the best option, negotiated a great price, helped me figure out the best warranty and interfaced with the financing company.   Finally, he took care of the delivery of the car and also had a few upgrades done to it for me once I got it.

Overall, a first class, white glove service for what is usually a somewhat painful experience; and I know I saved money to boot!  Bright Motorcars will be the only way I buy cars in the future.  In fact, Rodger is already looking for a truck for me and also will be selling a couple of my cars as well!!!”

— Scott, Irvine CA

“Hats off to Rodger! Hands down the best car salesman I’ve come across. Very knowledgeable and very responsive.”

–Richard, San Diego CA

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